Fernet Spiced Nuts  5.25

Grilled Cheese Fingers  6.50
smoked mozzarella, brioche bread, rosemary ketchup

Lamb Panuchos  11.75
fresh cilantro yogurt

Seared Nori Wrapped Albacore Tuna 8.75
miso dip

Smoked Tomato & Ancho Chili Toast 6.25
house-smoked tomato, toasted foccacia

Banh Mi Pork Steam Bun 7.75
BBQ & pickled vegetables

Moroccan Bourbon Wings 13.50
spiced, marinated, grilled

House-Made Angus Beef Slider 3.50
lettuce, tomato, wilted onions, mayo, pickle

Fresh-Cooked Potato Chips 4.25
hickory seasoning

Crispy Tandoori Cauliflower 6.25
tempura-battered, fresh mint, cilantro

Crispy Pork Belly & Brussel Sprouts 8.75
balsamic reduction

Crispy Roasted Humboldt Squid 9.25
roasted red pepper tomato sauce



The Classic 10.25
local cheese curds, house-made chickeny gravy

The Italian 13.50
bolognese, local cheese curds

The Pacific 13.50
albacore tuna, local cheese curds, miso gravy

The Southern  13.50
BBQ pork, local cheese curds, forty creek gravy



Clive’s Farm Greens 11.25
crispy chickpeas, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, sun-dried cranberries, choice of green goddess or miso dressing
add chicken or prawns 7.25

Big Bowl of Soup 8.25
always made fresh the day before

Clive’s Angus Beef Burger 15.25
lettuce, tomato, wilted onions, mayo, pickle
add cheese or bacon 2.00

Turkey Clubhouse 14.00
freshly roasted natural turkey breast, crispy bacon, sliced ale havarti, avocado, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Veggie Burger 12.25
chickpea patty, green goddess spread, fresh shoots, grilled steak cut tomato
add cheese 2.00

Red Wine Sirloin Steak Sandwich 23.00
toasted foccacia, arugula aioli, buttermilk & sweet chili onion rings

Spaghettini Puttanesca 17.75
capers, kalamata olives, smoked tomatoes, chilis
add chicken or prawns 7.25



French Fries 4.25

Yam Fries 5.00

Onion Rings 6.50

Green Salad 4.25

Daily Soup 4.25

Gravy 2.00



The Cheese Board 18.00
choose three from our board

The Meat Board 18.00
choose three from our board

The Big Boy 50.00
a fully loaded board with all charcuterie meats, cheeses & vegetables

Bowl of House Olives 6.50

House-Made Pickles 7.00

Cheese from Ottavio Italian Delicatessen Charcuterie from the Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria



Black Magic Chocolate Cake 8.25
caramel sauce, hazelnut whip cream

Cast Iron Cookie 6.50
vanilla ice cream

Berry Cheesecake 9.75

House-Made Chocolate Truffles 3.25 each
dark, white, milk chocolate

At Clive's Classic Lounge we have a passion for creating the highest quality cocktails using only the best ingredients. Our extensive selection of international spirits, beer and wine pairs perfectly with our menu focusing on late-night tapas and desserts. Visit us inside Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites.

Hours of Operation

5:00pm to Midnight

4:00pm to 1:00am

5:00pm to 1:00am

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