Staff Selected Cocktails

our staff’s favourite classic cocktails made the way we like them best

Brandy Alexander — George        12
marquis de villard brandy, crème de cacao, cream, nutmeg

Boilermaker — West          14
pilsner urquell & tullamore dew

Brown Derby — Alannah          12
wild turkey bourbon, grapefruit juice,  honey

French 75 — Paige  13
chamdeville sparkling wine, tanqueray gin, lemon juice, simple syrup

Gin Mare Martini — Alisha  16
gin mare mediterranean gin, fino sherry, olives

Negroni — Julie  12
campari, tanqueray gin, cinzano sweet   vermouth

Vieux Carré — Jayce  14
alberta premium rye, cinzano rosso,      marquis de villard brandy, bénédictine,   angostura bitters, peychaud’s bitters


At Clive's Classic Lounge we have a passion for creating the highest quality cocktails using only the best ingredients. Our extensive selection of international spirits, beer and wine pairs perfectly with our menu focusing on late-night tapas and desserts. Visit us inside Chateau Victoria Hotel & Suites.

Hours of Operation

5:00pm to Midnight

4:00pm to 1:00am

5:00pm to 1:00am

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