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Clive’s Classic Lounge was established in 2008 after a major renovation project that took place in the Chateau Victoria Hotel. With this new Lounge a new vision was born; Clive’s Classic Lounge began its journey to become not only one of the top cocktail lounges in Victoria, but also to be recognized in the global cocktail community as one of the top 10 cocktail lounges in the world (Tales of the Cocktail 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2019).

House Made IngredientsWe are proud to be a contributing part of not only the Victoria cocktail culture but also the West Coast cocktail culture. Our passion for cocktailing is fueled by the opportunity to introduce our guests to a magnificent cocktail experience with each visit. We stand by the belief that if an ingredient does not exist to the standards we need, we simply make it – from house made bitters, syrups, shrubs and liqueurs to fresh squeezed-to-order citrus and bottled sodas and tonics. We are constantly in search of new products and ingredients to keep Clive’s Classic Lounge on the forefront of this liquid culture.

History of the Fish in Clive’s

Chinook (Tyee) Salmon ~ In the snug
Clive & Ann Piercy
Boulder Point, Haida Gwaii
66lbs ~ 1989

On a hot, sunny day, this monster fish hit in the mid-afternoon. Mr. Piercy estimated the size to be 40 lbs (which was prevalent in those days), and so he handed the rod to Mrs. Piercy because he was having tea. As Mrs. Piercy brought the fish to the boat, Mr. Piercy realized his error; the fish was much larger! Mr. Piercy requested the return of the rod and a struggle ensued. Mrs. Piercy had a grip like iron and refused to give up. She insisted on playing “her” fish! Mr. Piercy went to the floor of the 18 foot vessel and prayed. The guide consoled him by saying, “We shall land this fish!” The fish had the upper hand during most of the fight, but at the end, it swam under the boat just 4 feet from the surface. The guide reached way down with the net and the fish swam right in! He lifted the monster out of the water and said, “Clive, we have landed your fish. You can stop praying and look now!” As large a fish as this was, it was outshone by a 78 lb catch landed the same day by a very seasick 14 year old (with some help from his grandpa). Such is fishing!

Web-117Arctic Char ~ Over the fireplace
Clive Piercy
Victoria Island, Arctic Circle
20lbs ~ 1992

While on Victoria Island, Mr. Piercy was given the opportunity to fish off an arctic river estuary. On his first cast, this enormous fish took the spoon and screamed out line as he went deep and stayed there. After a see-saw struggle lasting 30 minutes, Mr. Piercy landed the fish! That day, he also caught a 14 pounder that everyone at the fishing lodge enjoyed for dinner that evening.

Clive's Classic Lounge is a cozy, classy neighborhood hot spot located just off the lobby of the Chateau Victoria Hotel. This is one of Victoria's best places to start or end you night out in our vibrant downtown, with plenty of parking on site and nearby.

Hours of Operation

5:00pm to Midnight

5:00pm to 1:00am

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