Clive’s Classic Lounge

A Little About Us

Clive’s Classic Lounge has etched itself into the heart of Victoria as the city’s longest standing cocktail bar. Established in 2008, Clive’s quickly became an internationally respected pillar in the cocktail community. To date Clive’s has received four top 10 nominations for “Best International Hotel Bar” at the Tales of the Cocktail Spirited Awards (2011, 2012, 2014, 2019), and more top 10 nods than any other cocktail bar in Canada. Clive’s has been embraced by cocktail enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

Our passion for cocktails is fueled by the desire to introduce guests to unique and magical cocktail experiences with each visit to our bar. Our bar team is in constant search of new products and ingredients that keep Clive’s Classic Lounge on the forefront of this ever-evolving cocktail culture. Lead by bar manager/head bartender Jayce Kadyschuk the Clive’s bar team is continually reinventing themselves with exciting cocktails for our dynamic and seasonally changing cocktail program.

About us

Our History

Who is Clive?

Clive Piercy (or “Mr. P” as he’s fondly referred to) was the founder and owner of the Chateau Victoria. He was a fierce supporter of Victoria’s arts communities, and an avid outdoorsman. At the entrance to the hotel, on your way to Clive’s you will notice a life size statue of Mr. Piercy in full fly fishing attire, with his trusted companion Shaker by his side. Upon entering the bar, you will witness some of Clive’s trophy fish as well as some more commissioned artwork. It is rumored that much of this art was bid on by Clive in an effort to raise the auction price for the charity that would benefit from the many local fundraisers he attended.

Mr. P was a little reluctant to have the lounge take his moniker, but it was the employees of the hotel who rallied to have the classic lounge named after him in 2008, in place of the previous establishment, Victoria Jane’s.

Clive passed away in 2017, but his spirit still thrives throughout the hotel today. Nowhere is that more emphatic than in Clive’s Classic Lounge. From day one, Clive’s took on the reputation of being a cozy place to bring your best friends who appreciate the timeless spirit of class. A fitting tribute to our founder.

Meet Jayce Kadyschuk

Bar Manager/
Executive Bar Keep

Jayce has been a part of the food & beverage industry throughout Western Canada for almost 15 years. In pursuit of his interests, Jayce has always placed value in one concept: “you must love what you do”. Throughout his career he has been passionate about food, wine & spirits and as opportunities unfolded, he found himself progressing toward the wine side of this exciting industry. After several years with wine as his primary focus Jayce began to develop an interest fixed on cocktails and the rich history of cocktail culture.

Enjoying the creative outlet in designing signature cocktails and the art of hospitality that goes hand in hand with professional bartending, Jayce made the move to Victoria BC when the Bar Manager/Executive Bar Keep position opened up at Clive’s Classic Lounge. Passion and creativity have allowed Jayce to confidently take on this role, and with his bar team, bring a unique vision and creative touch to the cocktail program in Clive’s.

Hours of Operation

5:00pm to Midnight

5:00pm to 1:00am

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Tel: 250-361-5684


Address: Lobby Level, Chateau Victoria,

740 Burdett Ave, Victoria,

BC, Canada V8W 1B2