Clive’s Classic Lounge nominated for “Best International Hotel Bar”, Tales of the Cocktail 2014

On May 24, 2014 Tales of the Cocktail released its annual list of “Top 10 Finalist” for the 2014 Spirited Awards and Clive’s Classic Lounge has been nominated for “Best International Hotel Bar”. If you’re wondering what the TOTC Spirited Awards are, they’re like the Olympics of the craft bartending world. Each category has 10 nominees selected out of hundreds of worthy bars from all over the globe. The winners of each category will be announce at the Sprited Awards ceremony which will be held at TOTC 2014, July 16-20 in New Orleans.
This is not the first time Clive’s has found its name on a TOTC’s Top 10 list, it is however the first time receiving this recognition under the direction of the new Clive’s bar team, all of us are honoured and proud to be considered for this award. Just one year ago Clive’s saw its founding bar team move on to open a place of their own. This changing of the guards gave Katie and I the opportunity to take on the extraordinary reputation Shawn and Nate built at Clive’s and continue to promote cocktail development while maintaining the consistent standards of quality and care in every cocktail. I’m extremely happy with how well this new chapter at Clive’s is being received. It has been, and continues to be, a blast working with such a talented group of passionate people. The ability to constantly create and explore new concepts for our cocktail menu is what makes this job exciting and rewarding. We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to see a transformation of energy in Clive’s as each bartender brings their own unique style of service to the room. The support of our patrons and Victoria’s cocktail community has been nothing short of amazing, this truly is a world class cocktail city.





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Clive's Classic Lounge is a cozy, classy neighborhood hot spot located just off the lobby of the Chateau Victoria Hotel. This is one of Victoria's best places to start or end you night out in our vibrant downtown, with plenty of parking on site and nearby.

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