Measures & Volumes Book Club


Introducing: Measures & Volumes Book Club.

Here’s how it works…

We meet once a month, usually towards the end of the month. The specific dates and times will always be posted on the Measures & Volumes Facebook page.


What to expect…

This is a very casual book club, don’t feel like you need to a professional bar tender to be a part of it. Almost all of the people who come have never tended bar in their lives. Measures & Volumes isn’t about showing off your cocktail knowledge or ability, we’re simply a group of people who enjoy reading about and discussing cocktails and cocktail culture. One of the best parts of Measures & Volumes book club is that we get to taste what we read, each meeting we feature a cocktail or two from the book being reviewed.


Who chooses the book…

We decide as a group. Each book club meeting people suggest bar books they’re interested in reading from the list of suggestions we, as a group, choose the next book.


What if I didn’t read the book…

It happens, life is busy and sometime a month can go by in the blink of an eye. We don’t want this to discourage anyone from coming to the book club. Whether you read the whole book, half the book, the first page of the book, or don’t even pick up the book, you’re still welcome to attend every Measures & Volumes book club meeting.




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