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Happening @ Clive’s

April 9th, 2015 No Comments
Just wanting to keep you all in the loop of things happening in Clive’s over the next few months. Here are a few things going on.
 - Tuesday evenings we’ve begun featuring classic cocktail that have one ingredient in common (March was Benedictine) for $10. I’m looking to build this night for people to have a change to be introduced to or revisit classics that fly under the radar of most cocktail drinkers. We’ve had a great response for the couple weeks we’ve been running it but this night still needs to gain momemtum as we get it going.
 - Negroni Week is June 1-7. This is an international bar event where each bar features Negroni cocktails and a protion of Negroni sales go to a charity of the individual bars choosing. I’ve been working with other bar managers in the city who are participating and to promote this event Clive’s will be hosting a Negroni inspired cocktail competition on June 1st to kick off the week. This competition is meant to bring business and promote Negroni week and what it’s all about as well as feature each participating bar. Each bar will submit a Negroni inspired cocktail and have a bartender represented to compete. Our new Campari rep is stepping in with product support and prizes too. Katie will be competing on behalf of Clive’s as I will be hosting & M/C’ing the event as well as the technical judge for the competition.
 - It’s almost Tiki time!! We’re starting to dig into the new tiki part of our menu. I’m hoping to launch this on early May, however, we still have a lot to dig into with this. the next few weeks we will be focusing on getting our new Tiki recipes perfected so we can have a successful launch party again in the spring. We will also make other small changes to the cocktail menu but we no longer do full menu changes twice a year. Instead we do smaller, seasonal, changes 3-4 times a year. which works better for everyone to memorize (30 at a time is way too much) and allow cocktail more time on the menu before switching them up.
 - Havana Club Finals in Cuba. I will be away competing in the Canadian Havana Club Rum finals taking place in Cuba. I will be gone May 11-20. The competition trip itslef will be May 11-16. I’ve booked a few extra days since I’ll already be down in Cube (for free!!). The competition tour includes a number of tours including Havana Club distillery, the bar Ernist Hemingway used write in, sugar cane feilds, Cuban cigar plant tour, old Havana, and a black box market challenge competition (like they do on TV with chefs). Wish me luck, I’d love to take home a win in this one!
 - Cask night with Moon Under Water Brewery. I’ve been working with the rep from MUW on having a specialty “sour mash” beer cask done exclusively for us. We’re looking at a June/July event for this and will promote it from both our side and the MUW will promote it as well. I’ll keep you all posted once a date is set.
 - Barate (Karate) speed bartending competition, date to be confirmed likely July/August’ish. I’ve been working with the CPBA (Canadian Professional Bartenders Associaltion) to get more involved in cities other then Vancouver where 99% of CPBA events happen. I’d like to see more Victoria bartenders join the CPBA, in order for them to want to join there needs to be more CPBA events happening here in Victoria. As a result of this Clive’s will be hosting the Victoria segment of a filmed for TV pilot series of a speed bartending competition called “Barate” a speed bartending competition. There will be a camera crew in on a sunday/monday in the summer filming this competition and interviewing the competitors around the city. As details unfold for this event I will pass along the information.
Anyway, that’s what we’ll be seeing in Clive’s over the next few months. Just wanted to keep you all in the loop.
Jayce Kadyschuk

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